Why I Love the Metric System

There are a number of reasons why I love the metric system so much:

  1. The metric system is delightfully easy to use and convert. The different measurments in the metric system all go up or down by 10, so converting can be done by simply moving the decimal point to a new place. For example, if you wanted to change 10 centimeters to millimeters, move the decimal point back 1 spot since it is being converted to a smaller measurment. Easy!
  2. The units of the metric system are easy to remember and use the same root word. As long as you know what you are measuring, you can use the one suffix for that particular kind of measurment (grams, meters, liters, etc) and whatever prefix you need (milli-, centi-, kilo-, etc) depending on the quantity or how precise you need your measurment to be. All of the prefixes are shown in the image to the right. Most people will only need to memorize a few, so there really isn't much to remember.

  3. Most of the world, apart from the US, Liberia and Myanmar, use the metric system. If these countries finally decided to use the metric system, there would be no need for the imperial system anymore. And that means no more converting from one system to another. I'm especially looking at you, United States. You aren't quirky and 'not like other countries' for using the imperial system. As a person from the US, I am sick of the overly complicated imperial system.

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